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apt-get install bash gettext whiptail curl wget


curl -s | grep browser_download_url|    cut -d '"' -f 4  | wget -i -
tar xvzf crowdsec-release.tgz
cd crowdsec-v*
./ -i

Basic packages you may wanna install/enable

Basic Bouncer you may wanna install

tar xzvf cs-netfilter-blocker.tgz
cd cs-netfilter-blocker-v*
systemctl status netfilter-blocker

Optional scenarios
Bans a range if more than 5 ips from said range are banned.

cscli install scenario crowdsecurity/ban-defcon-drop_range

Count the number of unique ips that performed ssh_bruteforces

cscli install scenario crowdsecurity/ban-report-ssh_bf_report

Check Ban's

cscli ban list 
cat /var/log/netfilter-blocker.log

Needs Docker

cscli dashboard setup

Dashboard Reset Password

cscli dashboard setup -f

Dashboard Removal

cscli dashboard stop
docker ps -a
docker rm CONTAINER ID
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